Two Pillars That Tell a Story

Here in the States, we tend to name creatures and creations in a way that many other parts of the world do not. I am sure this seems strange to our international friends. For instance, I have a dog named Tucker. I have friends in other countries who would call him “Supper” ( if you know what I mean). We have cars that we nickname. I have a chair in my living room we call the “Kings Chair.” Oddly enough, much of the world has called on their phone by the name “Siri” even though we don’t fully understand who “Siri” is.

In I Samuel we see where Solomon does the same. He gave two names to two inanimate objects. Solomon named the two pillars that structurally helped support the Temple. “And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin: and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz” (I Samuel 7:21). Why did he choose to name the two pillars of his Temple? Even more thought-provoking is why he chose the names that he did: 

Jachin and Boaz. 

There are a variety of theories of why he chose the names Jachin and Boaz. These two pillars get little mention (unless you fit within the organization of the Masonic Lodge), and I am afraid we have quickly read over that verse many times while missing important truths worth mentioning. The pillars play a double role: they emphasize, on the left hand, the personal relationship between the Temple and the royal family (Boaz) and, on the other, the presence of God through the priestly family within the Temple (Jachin). 


Not a name we hear too often today unless you say it quickly, then it sounds like Jason. Why Jachin? Jachin was a member of the house of Levi. He was in the lineage of Aaron in the Old Testament. He is in the line of the priest.
The name “Jachin” is often interpreted to mean “He will establish.” “He will establish.” You could also say his name means, “What God says, he will do.” “He is faithful who has promised,” God told David he would build his temple through Solomon and that is what God did.
As pastors we can know and rest in this pillar knowing that God will build His church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it (Matt. 16:17-19). As parents we can rest in this pillar in our homes knowing God will take care of our children if we follow in obedience to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). As individuals we can rest in the pillar that God is faithful in his calling and he will also do His work through us (I Thess 5:24).   

You see, Jachin reflects the idea of God’s faithfulness and the establishment of a solid foundation for His people. Jachin signifies the unshakable, unwavering nature of God’s promises. 


This pillar makes a little more sense considering it was Solomon’s great, great, great, grandpa. There is more to it than that though. The name Boaz means “In Him is strength.” Building this temple was an insurmountable task. One I’m sure Solomon knew he was called to do, but had no idea how he was to do it.   

Maybe you have been called to the ministry but shepherding your flock, growing the church in your community, or reaching the lost on your mission field seems impossible. Wondering how you are going to “keep it together” while facing major issues within your family. Here is the thing, you can’t do it, but you don’t have to as long as you remember the pillar of Boaz is holding you up!

You see, this name signifies the source of strength and support for God’s people. It serves as a reminder that true strength and security come from a faithful relationship and walk with God.

Imagine, Solomon, standing outside the temple and reflecting on all that God had done. The half cannot be told! His eyes fell on Jachin and Boaz—the two magnificent pillars standing in front of the Temple. These two pillars not only tell the story of the past few years but also a history, a history of God’s chosen who for the first time in their existence have a true temple to worship in. A temple that signifies a thousand-plus years of God’s faithfulness and strength. 

Take some time today to step back and reflect on the heavenly Boaz and Jachin in your life. Remember what God has done for and through you. Reflect on his faithfulness and strength that has brought you to this point and will take you where he wants you to go. 
Treg Spicer

Treg Spicer

Treg Spicer is the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. He also serves as the President of the West Virginia Christian School Association. He is husband to Carrie and has four children.

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Treg Spicer is the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. He also hosts the Art of the Assistant Podcast. 

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