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I HATE Being Sick!

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If you read this title and said, “Yeah, me too.” I’m sorry. There is nothing worse than living with or dealing with an illness for a long period. I am sure we all know of people who have been in… Read More »I HATE Being Sick!

John Bunyan

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I have always been a fan of Peter Pan.  I think it is because I’ve never grown up. I enjoy all books, movies, and even cartoons of Pan.  There are many, but one of those movies I was unsure of when it… Read More »John Bunyan

William Tyndale

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I remember very little about my days in High School. Sports I remember and the High School drama I’ll never forget.  I specifically remember my Junior year when our beloved speech teacher, Mrs. Edwards, announced what our drama was going… Read More »William Tyndale