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I Have A Question

If you could ask Jesus one thing what would it be?   Imagine if Jesus showed up in your home this afternoon and said, “OK, I’m giving you one question.” What would you ask Him? A young man in Mark 10… Read More »I Have A Question

Where Are They?

The Southern Baptist Convention (the largest protestant group/denomination in the United States) just released some staggering statistics that would behoove all of us to consider. From 1946 to 1972, the number of Southern Baptists more than doubled, from 6 million… Read More »Where Are They?

A Family On Mission

Our kids loved spy movies when they were growing up. No, not Mission Impossible or 007, but more on the lines of Spy Kids and The Spy Next Door. These types of spy movies would eventually involve the whole family going on some type of mission.… Read More »A Family On Mission

Life Must Go On

Well, I’ve made it! Today I have reached what I hope is the halfway point of my life. I have tried to cut myself short of reaching this point a few times, but I’m thankful to have arrived at 45!  … Read More »Life Must Go On