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Treg Spicer is the Senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. Faith is a growing ministry with a large emphasis on discipleship and youth. 

Pastor Treg is here to help encourage you in your walk with Christ. Enjoy the Journey with Pastor Treg! 

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The Significance of the Myrtle

Zechariah was a prophet to the remnant who returned to their land after the seventy year captivity. Through Zechariah’s eight visions of the night God

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Christian Living

I Have A Question

If you could ask Jesus one thing what would it be?   Imagine if Jesus showed up in your home this afternoon and said, “OK, I’m

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Christian Living

Where Are They?

The Southern Baptist Convention (the largest protestant group/denomination in the United States) just released some staggering statistics that would behoove all of us to consider.

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Christian Living

A Letter To My Graduate

Congratulations sweets! You made it! It seems as though it was just yesterday when we took you home from the hospital and here you are

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Christian Living

Allow Me to Share My Heart

On Valentines Day (ironically) I was having some discomfort in my chest.  In light of my history I thought it best for me to check

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Christian Living

A Family On Mission

Our kids loved spy movies when they were growing up. No, not Mission Impossible or 007, but more on the lines of Spy Kids and The Spy Next Door. These types

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It was a Super Bowl Sunday I will never forget. It was 2019 and I was in the hospital recovering from a Crohn’s related surgery

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If you read this title and said, “Yeah, me too.” I’m sorry. There is nothing worse than living with or dealing with an illness for

William Tyndale

I remember very little about my days in High School. Sports I remember and the High School drama I’ll never forget.  I specifically remember my

Achieving Spiritual Health

It was the day of my dad’s open heart surgery when I received a prophecy that would come true 12 years later. The heart surgeon