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about Treg.

Treg Spicer is the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. Pastor Treg has served in a variety of ministerial roles, and is committed to bringing you valuable tools to strengthen your walk with Christ. 

Treg and Carrie Spicer married in 2002, and have four children. Together, their family loves to golf, athletically compete, and explore new places!

Executive Director of Independent Faith Mission

Pastor Treg Spicer is the newly elected Executive Director of the Independent Faith Mission located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Ohio Bred, Catholic Raised

Treg brings authentic perspective to life and ministry.


Pastor Treg serves as the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia.


Pastor Treg married the love of his life in 2002. Together, Treg and Carrie have 4 children.


Pastor Treg is a leader in the local community as well as a leader in Christian Education.


Ready to be equipped? Ready to take next steps in your faith? Ready Pastor Treg's blog today!


Recent Sermons

Stay up to date with Pastor Treg’s recent sermons! Treg Spicer is the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. Be encouraged!

A Word From Pastor Treg

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As a leading voice in the Church, Pastor Treg regularly speaks at conferences and meetings worldwide. Each podcast leaves you emboldened to live a God honoring life.
Art of the Assistant Podcast

Treg Spicer & Dan Vaughn

Treg Talks Podcast

Treg Spicer & Guests

An Interview With Cary Schmidt



Pastor Treg attends several meetings each year mentoring and encouraging young leaders in the ministry. From personal one on one conversations to conferences, Pastor Treg would love to help you enhance your ministry.

If you would like more information on this process and how Pastor Treg can help you, reach out below!


In the Ministry

Win for Christ

Treg Spicer is the Senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. Faith is a growing ministry with a large emphasis on discipleship and youth. 

Are you looking to take yourself or your ministry to the next level? Are you looking to grow spiritually in vocational ministry? Pastor Treg Spicer prepares you to WIN, even in the second chair of your ministry organization.

Pastor Treg is here to help encourage you in your walk with Christ. Enjoy the Journey with Pastor Treg! 

Treg Spicer

Pastor, FBC


Pastor Treg's Blog

Enjoy articles full of powerful truths to help strengthen your walk with Christ.

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About us

Treg Spicer is a Pastor, Leader, and Mentor located in West Virginia.

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809 Green Bag Road, Morgantown, WV